Fun Facts About Babe Ruth

Do you love baseball? Whether you play or simply enjoy watching the game, learning the baseball history is important. Knowing your history helps you gain a fond appreciation of the sport and all of the players that made it what it is today. Babe Ruth is one of the names that you should know.  Although the name may be one that you’re familiar with, you may really not know the in-depth information about this baseball great that you should.

The First Game

It’s been over 100 years since Babe Ruth first showed his amazing skills on the baseball diamond. Ruth played his first game in the MLB on July 11, 1914. And, as they say, the rest is history!

The Babe’s Real Name

If you suspected something fishy about the name, you’d sink the hooker! Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth, Jr. Another interesting tidbit: he is the only player in MLB history with the last name Ruth!

Baltimore Orioles Signing

Ruth attended St. Mary’s Catholic Church for boys. It was when he was a student at the children’s home that he was signed to the Baltimore Orioles. In less than five months, he was playing major league baseball!

Show Your Appreciation

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