For Convenience’s Sake, A Zipper Tie Fits The Bill

This is for all the guys who have had just about enough of what the pretentious fashion fundis have had to say about how they should wear their ties and when they should wear them. Because let’s be honest, guys, fashions have been coming and going since the day we were all still wearing loin cloths. Today, however, it’s nice to know that men’s fashions have become a lot more relaxed and practical. But the fandangled ties. That’s an accoutrement that just won’t go away. The thing is there is still always going to be an occasion for wearing one.

Sad to say it, but someone is always due to go. This seems to happen a lot more now that you’re getting on in years. The old guys may have a full wardrobe of ties to choose from, but not everyone. Once in a blue moon, someone of the guys decides to get hitched. You need to dress the part for this surprising occasion. And for convenience’s sake, your men’s zipper tie just fits the bill. Just how knotty or silky the tie is, who is going to notice after a few hours of festivities. Even so, under closer inspection, these ties do look rather cool.

Young guys still have a way to go before they’ve got one or two suits in their wardrobe. Time flies when you’re having fun, and before you know it, you’ll be due for your first career-defining job interview. They say getting this far takes some doing, so consider this to be quite an occasion. Wear a tie, tie-up or zipper, doesn’t matter which, just so long as you look neat and tidy. Show them that you are serious about the business and are raring to go.